1. Check for protected groups - Protected groups are those that you are likely to have created yourself, for example English Department, French Trip etc.. You may want to delete or update any of these groups (please note deleting groups does not delete users, it only removes them from these groups).  Log into your smartadmin area, select ‘Groups’ , select the ‘show filter’ option and filter for ‘protected’ under group status.

2. Check for LOCKED members - Log into your smartadmin area, select  ‘Members’, and filter for LOCKED in the member status. UNLOCK users that are in your MIS and you want them to sync up.

3. Check your MIS integration is running, if it’s not running then your new users will not be added in September - logged in as an admin navigate to the smartadmin area If the MIS integration is not running please contact us support@realsmart.co.uk


What happens automatically at the year end? 

If your MIS sync is running when members leave school we will archive these members in realsmart as “suspended” it’s up to you when you delete them.  In Google Apps you'll see them as “suspended” user, again it’s up to you what you do with them. Suspended users can’t log in to the website or Google Apps.  You can unsuspend them at any time but remember that if they will be resuspended when the MIS sync next runs if you don’t LOCK them.

In Google Apps you can transfer documents from one user to another by navigating to the Google Apps control panel > Advanced Tools > scroll down to “Document Ownership Transfer” where you can do just that!

If your member wants to take documents for Google Apps with them we suggest you instruct your staff to use the google takeout feature: