By default, smartsync starts provisioning user and classroom data on the 30th August each year,  and continues until the 1st August the following year; both of these dates are customisable. 

On the final sync date 1st August, all Google Classroom courses managed by smartsync will be archived. This allows the owner of each class to access the Google Classroom archive and reactivate them if necessary, for example, if the students need access to shared resources over Summer holidays or if the classroom course is ongoing next year.

New classroom courses created will reflect the new Year e.g. 10a-ar - 2021/2022 will be archived and 10a-ar - 2022/2023 will be created for this years cohort.

Any google drive folders associated with classes will remain untouched.

We will not strip users from any classes that were automatically created.

We will not update any classes that have been created manually by teachers.