By default, smartsync starts provisioning user and classroom data on the 30th August each year,  and continues until the 1st August the following year; both of these dates are customisable, and we will be updating smartadmin to give clearer access to this in a future update. 

On the final date, all Google Classroom courses managed by smartsync will be archived; this allows the owner of each class to access the Google Classroom archive and reactivate them if necessary, for example, if the students need access to shared resources over Summer holidays.

It has come to our attention that in some school MIS, students and staff are removed from all classes at the end of term. What this means for Google Classroom sync is that the students and staff are removed from their Classroom courses and can no longer access them, then on the 1st of August, they are archived, and unreachable by the former owner.

Currently, there are several things we can do to help mitigate this issue;

  • Disable smartsync MIS integration on or before the last day of term, until the 2nd August, to prevent class memberships being removed.
  • Set the Google Classroom archive date to a date before the MIS removes class memberships.
  • If classes memberships have already been removed, but the archive date has not passed, we can import the data from the last day of term to reinstate class memberships, which will give access to the courses again.

We are also exploring several ways to improve smartsync for Google Classroom to make managing courses simpler, safer and more reliable in the future.