If you’ve recently updated your version of Google Chrome then chances are you have noticed that some websites are now displaying a ‘Not Secure’ warning. Google rolled this out recently across their browsers and it has affected billions of websites throughout the world.

Whilst the connotations of this can be negative, especially in the current climate of privacy concerns, there is nothing to worry about.

‘Not Secure’ simply means that there is no SSL certificate connected to the domain. An SSL certificate is placed on a website so that when customers purchase from the site, they know that their data will be encrypted. The ‘Not Secure’ warning is to let visitors know that they should be wary about purchasing using credit cards etc. You may have seen some website addresses have ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ and this is because they have an SSL certificate to allow extra security for their customers.

As most Schools do not sell any products online there is nothing to worry about, as realsmart does not store cookies either no data is being tracked by our servers etc so no sensitive information can be collected. Therefore there is no requirement for this extra level of security.

We are however aware that many Schools will still want to remove this warning so are rolling out smartSSL certificates very soon.

Please check back in future for more information.