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Using HTML in your sidebar

Adding HTML to the sidebar

Using HTML in your sidebar gives you the opportunity to create a more personalised and dynamic cloud site. You can add anything to your sidebar from images through to flash content. The process is very quick and very simple but it does help if you have a little knowledge of HTML.

Adding HTML to the sidebar

1. The first step is to go into APPEARANCE > WIDGETS and drag a TEXT widget into the sidebar of your choice.

2. The box that appears is very similar to the standard WordPress post editor. Type your title for the sidebar item and then proceed to input your HTML code.

3. Once you’re happy just click SAVE and try it out! For this guide I have created a sidebar containing an image with a link to the realsmart support blog.

Here’s the code if you’d like this link on your cloud site:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="Try our support blog for more help!"/>

If you need further help with HTML or embedding content take a look at these resources:

W3Schools HTML

Embedding Content – This guide relates to realsmart but the same principles and techniques apply here!

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