WordPress alone is not enough to give you a great school website. That’s why we’ve created our bespoke WordPress theme designed entirely with schools in mind.


The realsmartcloud theme has lots of functionality that can help you turn your school site into the best around. Here are some of the features the theme includes:

  • A customisable school logo, title, and strapline.
  • A versatile slideshow that allows you to add featured images and promote important areas of your website.
  • The ability to use custom colours so your website can fit in with your school’s existing branding.
  • A CSS editor to give advanced users extra flexibility.
  • An integrated SSO that logs you into all your services at once including Learning Portfolios and Google Apps.
  • The capability to easily add Google Analytics to your school website.
  • SmartVisibility that allows you to easily restrict certain areas of your site to specific user roles.
  • A responsive and mobile friendly layout
  • Access to additional functionality through great realsmart plugins such as the Control Panel and Notices.

Our theme is being constantly developed and new features and plugins are added regularly. Keep checking our blogfor the latest news!