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smartstuff and google drive working together

The new release of smartstuff now pulls content from your Google Drive making it really easy to add into your learning portfolio.

We are continually developing the integration between realsmartcloud and Google Apps and we are very excited about the latest release of our smart file management tool ‘smartstuff’.

As of right now all users in your school can edit, insert, embed and download items located in Google Drive through the smartstuff repository. This means that if you want to add any file from Drive to a learning portfolio item then it can be done in a single click from within smartstuff!

We’ve already enabled this for all of our cloud schools and its ready for you to use right now. Here’s how to access it…

  • Using the smartstuff link under the ‘Realsmart’ section of your WordPress website.
  • By clicking the new smartstuff icon in the ‘content editor’ within each realsmart tool in your learning portfolio.

Watch this video to learn more about accessing and using Google Drive content through smartstuff.

We’ll keep you posted as further smartstuff and Drive developments are released.

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