School Admin access

The purpose of the school admin is:

To control which elements of smartparents are displayed

To create pins and share with parents and carers

To create new pins when they have expired

See all parent and carer accounts

Export parent and carer data

See which students have parents and carers associated  

PINs last for 2 uses, after this a new pin will need to be issued.

smartparents Home

Parents and Carer Access

Parents and carers can access the beta at the following url


A Guide for School Admins

Admin Access

Smartparents admin can be accessed via your regular realsmart admin interface

The link is in the sidebar. 


  • Parents shows the number of parents and carers who have created smartparent accounts.

  • Students should be the same as the number of active students we receive from your MIS integration.

  • Students without associations is the number of students without associated parents.

  • Associations is the total number of students with associated parents and carers

  • Attendance, Behaviour & Achievement records imported lists the total amount of these fields ever imported to the system.


In this page you can control what elements of smartparents are displayed to your parent and carer users. For example you might not want to display behaviour information or even record it in your MIS, this page provides the function to hide this from parents and carers using the application.

The parents’ calendar is a feed from a Google calendar, you could use the same calendar as displayed on your smartsite. If not simply create a calendar, ensure it’s publicly available and paste the URL in to the calendar settings.

Docs displays the content of a Google Drive folder, it’s an easy way to display some key letters and resources to parents. Simply add the folder ID to the settings.  We will be expanding this function in a future version of smartparents to target specific learners or groups. 


This page is used for creating and finding learner pins and exporting them. This can be done for the whole school, year groups or teaching groups.

From here you can generate pins on your first visit to the page. Remove any associations for students and see more statistics for associations.



From this page you can see a list of all parents and carers accounts and their associations. You will find the data received at the point of subscription and also delete any unwanted accounts.

We will be adding an export function to this area so that you can extract parent and carer details from the application.