Below are instructions on how to run the initial member data import from SIMS into realsmart.

Please follow these instructions carefully.

If you have not yet downloaded the file below, please do so now and place it on the C:// drive root folder.

Once you’ve got this, extract the zip file onto the computer you wish to set it up on (preferably the SIMS server itself, but it doesn't have to be as long as the machine has SIMS access).

It doesn't matter where you keep realsmart.exe, as long as all the files in the archive (including the report definition) are kept in the same directory. Most people generally keep it close to the root of C:/, purely for simplicity using the Command Prompt. We suggest creating a ‘realsmart’ folder on the C:/ drive, and then moving the two extracted files(highlighted below) into it.

NB: You do not need to import the report definition file prior to running the command line. The script in realsmart.exe will do this for you.

Once this is extracted, open Command Prompt, and change directory to the folder where you have extracted realsmart.exe and the other files.

The command line to change directory is in the format:

1) cd  YourDownloadPath

Once you have done this (see above), then type the following command line, replacing yourSimsUsername and yourSimsPassword with real SIMS login credentials. (the code and the url are also part of the same line).

2) realsmart.exe yourSimsUsername yourSimsPassword authentication key

Note: Please type this in manually as copying and pasting from emails can sometimes insert hidden and unwanted characters! Also remember to omit the apostrophes.

Once this is done it should look a bit like this (with your corresponding SIMSusername, password, and keycode:

When you run this, it should just display the blinking cursor for a few minutes before going back to the command line.

Doing this will have generated a realsmart.log file in the same directory. If you could email a copy of the log file back to us as soon as this has finished running, we can check it for errors, as well as checking it with the log at our end, then if all is well we can send you the information to set up a scheduled task in windows to run this.

Remember, this process cannot be run between the hours of 8am - 5pm