Changing the Username in smartadmin

If you would like to rename a user follow these steps:

  • Log on to smartadmin
  • On the left-hand menu navigate to "Users"
  • Select "Edit User" on a user of your choice

  • Now, in this case, I am going to change the user's username from "sammygizzle1" to "SammyGray", once I have done this, I must select "Save User" from the bottom of the Edit User page.

  • This change will update the username in realsmart, and update the username in Google, changing this user's email address from "" to "".
  • The previous email address will be left in Google as an alias email address for the user, and therefore will not be available to use for other users.

Cleaning up the User Email Aliases in Google (Optional)

Continuing on from the end of the previous article, we will now log on to Google Admin and remove the Email Alias left over when we renamed the user in realsmart.

  • Search Google for the user you have amended.

  • Select the user
  • Select "User Information"

  • Highlight the "Email Aliases" row and select the pencil icon.

  • Click the Cross next to the Alias you would like to remove, and then select "Save".