1- Edit the Users Email Address in Google 1st

log on to Google Admin and edit the users Email Address.

  • Search Google for the user you have amended.

  • Select the user
  • Select "RENAME USER" option on Left hand side of the page
  • Edit the 'Primary Email' for the user as below

  • Hit RENAME button

Now move on to renaming the user in realsmart


2- Edit the Username in smartadmin 2nd

If you would like to rename a user follow these steps:

  • Log on to smartadmin
  • On the left-hand menu navigate to "Users"
  • Select "Edit User" on the user just edited in google

  • Change the user's username to match google, once I have done this, I must select "Save User" from the bottom of the Edit User page.
  • This change will update the username in realsmart