Someone wants to change their username- here's how to do it!

This must be done by an admin user- Change username in google then in realsmart:

The google bit:

1 Sign in to google admin at with your username@domainname and realsmart password

2 Search for the user you need to rename

3 Select the user

4 Once on the user's profile page click ‘Account’

5 Click the ‘Edit’ Button under Basic Information

6 Update user screen pops up where you can edit the username

7 Click ‘Update User’ and this saves the new username


Now for the realsmart bit:

1 Sign in to realsmart and navigate to

2 click users

3 search for the user to rename

4 click ‘Edit’ next to the user

5 edit the username

6 scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Save User'


The username has now been changed in realsmart and google. Google automatically creates an alias for the old username so anything sent to the old user still gets delivered.