This November sees a significant update to smartadmin and smartsync.

smartadmin is the front end for smartsync providing control and management tools

Release date: Nov 2019



Admins can now filter the user list by the ‘Force Change Password’ option.

This filter will show only users that have 'Force Change Password' enabled. These are users where you have selected so the users must reset their password OR users that have never logged in.

Admins can now add groups to groups from the edit group page.

Admins can now add the main class teacher (classroom course owner) in any group. This will be used for creating Google Classroom Courses.

Admins can now edit group email permissions to dis/allow emails from non-members etc

Google Classroom provisioning is now non-destructive - we will not delete Courses only create and update courses.

Admins can now bulk approve Classroom Courses at!/reporting/classroom/home/dashboard

Admin users now have access to smartsync logs to help diagnose import/provisioning errors at!/logs/

When changing the global default password, all users who have not changed from the old default (i.e. have not yet logged in for the first time) will have their password set to the new default

Bug fix-  with some users not appearing in member search from cohorts screen

Bug fix- profile picture updates that prevented the image refreshing.

Bug Fix- users can delete a profile picture without needing to add a replacement.


Other product updates


Bug fixes and display improvements



Add a link for parents to add their child’s calendar to their own Google Calendar

Some presentation improvements to the email digest



Optimise google provisioning.

Bug fix- classroom course cloning

Optimise Wonde sync

Updating a group in smartadmin ad hoc pushes the updates to Google