Previously in realsmart, if you wanted to prevent a user being updated by smartsync every day you set the user’s status to PROTECTED in smartadmin.

There is now a new smartsync toggle on user accounts and we have removed the PROTECTED status as an option.

This means that a user will be protected from updates if they have been created outside of smartsync. It will also allow admins to suspend a user and prevent that user being reactivated by smartsync the next day by setting the user status to protected and switching the smartsync toggle to Off.

This is what the new feature will look like in smartadmin.

There will be no changes to how group membership protection works in this update, please continue to use the current method.

As part of the release process, we will automatically convert all your PROTECTED users to ACTIVE with the smartsync toggle set to OFF

Why is this useful?

If a user should not have access to the realsmart of G Suite systems

If the data in your MIS is not correct