Manual Import

Users and their group memberships can be manually imported via a CSV file. Below are some guidelines to make the process clearer.


  1. Download the example csv
  2. Add your users' data to the spreadsheet. (Be sure to maintain the original column structure. If the columns are not in the correct order it will not import).
  3. Upload your CSV by dragging and dropping your CSV onto the upload area.
  4. Once you see confirmation that the CSV has been uploaded click the 'Start Import' button to initialise the user import.
  5. Importing your users may take a little while, but you'll see a confirmation alert once it's done!

Important Notes 

  • We recommend using points below as a form of checklist before you import your data.
  • The column headers must remain intact, this is how the import system identifies the data.
  • If username fields are left as blank then they will run through your school's username policy upon import.
  • If password fields are left as blank then they will receive your school's default password upon import.
  • Users with the type 'admin' must have usernames assigned to them in the CSV.
  • The MIS ID column will always be ignored (but should be included nontheless). MIS ID is only used for automated MIS imports.
  • Additional user groups can be added to the end of each user row, they just need adding in their own new column.