Typically there are two scenarios where you may want to add users to groups manually. These are:

  1. The group was created automatically by your MIS sync and you need to add a user that isn’t in your MIS.
  2. You have manually created a group in realsmart that isn’t in your MIS and you want to add users.

You can do both scenarios by carrying out the following:

  1. Sign into smart admin http://smartadmin.realsmart.co.uk/
  2. Click ‘GROUPS’ in the left-hand side menu
  3. Search for the group
  4. Click ‘Edit group’
  5. Type the user's name into the ‘Add group members’ box
  6. Select the user from the dropdown list- this adds the use user and locks their group membership
  7. The padlock should be in the locked position next to the new user, if it is not, click the padlock into the locked position
  8. Click ‘Save Group’

If you want to create a new bespoke group

  1. Sign into smartadmin http://smartadmin.realsmart.co.uk/
  2. Click GROUPS in the left hand side menu
  3. Click the ‘+ Add Group’ button top right
  4. Type in the group name and hit ‘Create’

This should cover everything you need in terms of adding a group but if you need more information then please contact support@realsmart.co.uk