A teacher tells you that “Not all of my Google Classroom groups are being shown”


Likely Reason:

There is more than one teacher in the group and the other teacher has been provisioned as the primary teacher. 



Ask the teacher for the group names as listed in the MIS for example: “10A-Ar1”

Navigate to 

Search for the group in question. 

Look at the live data coming back from Google. As screenshot

If the teacher in question is not the main teacher simply change the main teacher in smartadmin. The teacher will be made the owner and receive an email from google advising that they have been made owner of a Classroom Course.

If the teacher in question is not listed in the group simply add the teacher to the group, then if needed choose him/her as the main teacher from the main teacher dropdown. The teacher will now see the Classroom Course in their Classroom dashboard and can Accept or Reject the class as screenshot

If the class group has been declined, set it as provisioned and hit SAVE. This means that the owner/main class teachers has already rejected the class.