realsmart use googles APIs to sync your school data with your google accounts, groups, classroom courses, calendars and organisations

We add API clients to your google domain when we first set up the provisioning.

To access the API clients settings and add new clients or edit existing ones follow these steps:

1- Navigate to

2- Sign in with your full email address and realsmart password

3- Click the Security button on the dashboard

4- Scroll down the page and click the 'Advanced Settings' option

5- Now click 'Manage client API access', this takes you to a list of all the current authorised API clients . There will be at least 5x clients already added, more if you have already added extras for other services.

Listed below are our 5x default clients:

Please dont remove any of them. If you do, just re-add it adding our default scopes below:,,,,,,,,,,,

To add the Google Classroom Reporting feature follow these steps:
1- Find the API called in the list of APIs and click Remove

2- Add this client to the Client name box at the top of the page

3- Add this scope,,,,,,,,,,,

to the One or More API Scopes box and hit the Authorise button - as screenshot below

4- All Done. The new Api has been added and classroom reporting is enabled.