Screens are often used around schools to display information, menus and images in an eye catching way. However, they are often put up randomly and therefore are not relevant all of the time.

Google have launched Chrome Sign Builder which totally changes this and allows users to schedule posts, images and more across a variety of screens throughout the day.

The overview on the product can be seen here:

How To Add A Schedule

1. In order to add the extension to hyour Chrome browser simple go to - and click 'Add To Chrome'

2. From here you will be take to the apps page. This is where you will be able to access the scheduler. If you ever need to visit this page simply put the following in your address bar - chrome://apps/

3. This will now open your schedule window where you can begin creating events to display.

4. From here you can add a new entry and schedule the time for it. 

5. Then click export to send your posts to screens.

If you need a full detailed guide on the extension please go to the help centre here -