Automatic User Deletion

When a user is removed from your MIS, e.g. as a leaver, their account status in realsmart is changed to SUSPENDED when smartsync next runs. In turn, the user's Google account is also set to SUSPENDED.

This means that the user can no longer log into realsmart or Google and their group memberships etc. will be stripped.

Manually Deleting a User

  • Log into smartadmin
  • Find the user you wish to delete
  • Select the checkbox next to the user
  • Select Bulk Actions, Delete Users
  • Confirm the action in the modal window

Deleting a user in realsmart will rename and suspend the user in Google, their email address will now become user_deleted_{timestamp}, their old username will be removed entirely from their account, and is now available to use for new users.

Restoring a User

Continuing from the previous article, we will now restore the user that we just deleted.

  • Log into smartadmin
  • Find the user we just deleted
  • Select "Edit User"
  • Select "Restore User"
  • Confirm the modal window that appears"

The user will now be restored back to their original username, and unsuspended in Google & made active in realsmart.