Insert A Gallery

Inserting an Image Gallery into your smartsite is extremely easy. To insert an image gallery into your Page/Post, click the Add Media button.

A pop-up window will display that looks the same as the one that displays when you add an image to your Page/Post. You can upload new images to use in your gallery or you can simply choose from your previously uploaded images. By default, you’ll be shown a list of your previously uploaded images. If you’d like to upload a new image, click on the Upload Files link at the top of the pop-up window.

Click every image that you would like to appear in the Gallery and then click

You will now be taken to a popup page where you can edit and rearrange images.

In the right-hand column, you can change the display settings of the gallery. When you are happy with the layout please click

Deleting/Editing A Gallery

When you click on a gallery you can either edit it or delete it completely by clicking  or    respectively.

Changing The Style Of The Gallery

We have recently introduced new plugins that allow extra customisation on galleries.
In order to access these additions go to PluginsGalleries by Angie Makes and click Activate.
These extra options allow your gallery to appear and function differently.
We recommend experimenting with the gallery to get the best look for your page but if you would like any further information then please email: